Town Hall: Details On Vesq 2.0

SV joined Jarod during our inaugural Vesq Town Hall with the Vesq community on Discord about the Vesq 2.0 Roadmap. During the Town Hall, SV answered all the community’s questions about the Roadmap & shared about in detail where Vesq is headed! Enjoy and be inspired!

Transcript by Decise (中文翻译)

First Step: Curve Wars

SV: In our initial phase, before ve(3,3) or bonds 2.0, we’re going to transition into Curve Wars. There’s a lot of third parties involved like Convex, Curve, Votium and all these different people that have to come and work together.

Although we might be moving fast on our side of things, we do have to wait for third-parties and working mechanics. So the initial stage is nearly ready to go. We’re just getting some co-marketing ready. We will be providing liquidity to the Polygon community itself, allowing them to accumulate Curve War tokens and earn rewards.

FRAX is going to be giving an FPI airdrop soon, so we’re going to start with cvxFXS, that’s Convex staked FXS. You’ll earn Convex fees on top of the FXS fees on top of the FPI airdrop as well. Three ways of earning with them.

Then, we’ll bring over cvxCRV, so you can earn Curve rewards and Convex rewards on top as well. This initial stage is very imminent, it’s going to be coming out very very soon.

Question 1: What are we doing in the short-term?

SV: Curve wars is coming in the short-term, very short-term.

After that we will transition into a period of DeFi 2.0, with Vesq 2.0 as well. Where we’re bringing out the ve(3,3). There’s a lot of different ve(3,3) standards out there, but the mechanics behind ve(3,3) doesn’t have a set standard, so we had to make that from scratch. Bear in mind creating things from scratch and auditing them takes time. We’re currently in the process of auditing them as well.

As soon as the auditing is done we can start rolling out these new features and transition into this new era for Vesq, along with our VC investors as well. They’re bringing a lot of capital, so we can remain innovating, and remain changing how we see DeFI and moving and adapting with the times itself.

Obviously we can’t do anything about the market, but we are working in the background to bring on large market players as well. These large market players, as well as the VCs, their tokens will be locked. But we will see a lot of price movement going up.

Q2: All these incentives are based on Eth network, and we are on Polygon Network, so how does that translate over?

SV: We created a wrapper — although it’s on main net, it will be on Polygon as well now. So you’ll be able to claim all your rewards on Polygon. That’s why we’re working very closely with their teams directly rather than doing it all ourselves.

We can do it ourselves, but you’d have to claim rewards on Ethereum Main net. We want to make sure that all the rewards are claimable on Polygon. Convex’s rewards go to Polygon, Curve rewards go to Polygon, and FXS airdrop goes on Polygon. The cvxFXS we’re starting with, you’ll get the airdrop directly on Polygon, and the fees as well.

Q3: If people on Polygon will be able to own those tokens, how does Vesq benefit?

SV: So the rewards are actually coming through Vesq. We get the rewards and distribute it to token holders. How it benefits us — we own the pools. So any trading, anything that happens there, we get the fees directly into the treasury, bringing up the backing price as well. Also, you’ll be able to “use” those tokens on Vesq, and earn even more rewards on top. It’s like a loop. We’re creating a multiple rewards loop system. So you don’t just get paid in VSQ, you get paid in multiple tokens.

Q4: Can you give us more info about staking 2.0? What will be the new APY target for different lock periods and how does the additional MATIC payout work?

SV: The rewards that are getting paid out are being incentivized by the protocol itself. So we get incentivized by different protocols, an example would be Polygon: they give us X amount of MATIC to reward our users with whom lock in their VSQ. This is what Staking 2.0 is, to create a sustainable product that people are here for in the long term.

Obviously the different locking periods are going to be different: It could be 1 week, it could be 1 month, it could be 6 months, it could be 1 year. Up to 3 years. The higher you lock, the higher APY you get. Say for example right now, current APY is around 11,000%, and 1 year is the maximum we put on locks. The maximum lock period would be the 11,000% APY rewards. The locking periods will be stagnated all the way down to the 1-week lock which could be around 10% of that value. So if you lock for 1 week you’ll get say 1000–1100% APY. So you’re incentivized to stay locked for longer terms.

Not only would you be earning VSQ though, you’ll be earning multiple rewards. With Staking 2.0, say someone wants to stay in 3 years, and you need liquidity or funds. You can use that position you have with your staked tokens locked up, and leverage that into a platform like Marketxyz or AAVE and borrow stablecoins on top of that, or whatever other coins you need. There will be a collateralization factor as well. So not only is it locked, but you can make it liquid without removing it from the locking. That’s Staking 2.0

Q5: We have seen some large selloffs severely affecting price. When will OTC be ready? Will it be only for VSQ or other tokens too?

SV: So the OTC engine is currently going through audit — there’s a lot of things going through audit, and we have to wait. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do from our side to make it go any faster, and there will be things we have to resolve and have that audited over as well. We want to make sure everything is gone through with a fine comb and looked into thoroughly so our users can not have to worry about security or rugs or anything like that.

OTC is on the books, its coming out. I know it’s unfortunate that there have been some large selloffs, but the whole market itself is a bit red right now. It’s not something we can control fully. We can control to some extent, we are going to control it to that extent. Beyond that its out of our hands, and we’ll have to wait for the market to have an upside.

As far as other tokens on OTC yes 100%. It will be a multi-token OTC and can use any token of your choice that is available on Polygon and not available on Polygon to buy directly. Things that have not come over to Polygon like DPX, SSOV, TOKE and so on, you will be able to buy through Vesq on OTC instead of market.

Q6: Many launchpads commonly fail. Why do we want to spend effort on this? How can we compete with others?

SV: Our launchpad is quite different from the general understanding of launchpads. Our launchpad will be bonds. It’ll mainly be targeted for newer platforms and platforms that are coming over from main net onto Polygon.

These are going to be highly sought after as well as we are going to audit each project ourselves. The community is going to be 100% involved. Let me add this before I speak on the launchpad bonds: we ARE moving to a full 100% DAO, so that’s already in the works to move everything to DAO governed and DAO owned. Even myself will have to go through DAO and the community first before any plans or ideas can be executed after we reach this point we are transitioning to.

So let me just give you a little insight in that: After this, there will be newer projects and platforms coming over to Polygon from Main net. We are very close with Polygon, their founders and teams, and it will be very beneficial for these new projects to come over through Vesq and not just receive the incentives of Vesq, and its community, but there will be incentives through Polygon. We want to make it a necessity for any project coming to Polygon to come through Vesq to raise their liquidity.

That way it provides more incentives to our VSQ holders and our community, on top of the access to the protocols coming to Polygon. The bonds are difficult to explain, I can explain the mechanics exactly later down the line, because they will be the opposite of what we bond for now.

An idea of how it would work is: say you want to get TOKE, you would provide VSQ for TOKE, and a liquidity pair would be created that would be owned by Vesq for a time period then it will be given to the protocol itself. Of course it would be voted for by community DAO. But that is the launchpad idea we have that is being implemented. There is a lot of support for it in terms of the ecosystem projects and the Polygon network itself.

Jarod: Does that also mean that since the community is able to vote, will bribe come into play as well?

SV: Yes, 100%. That’s where bribes will come in. We aren’t open to everyone to be listed, we will have a set amount to be listed per month or so. If the project wants to come and use the launchpad for Vesq, they can offer bribes to the community of Vesq or the governance holders of VSQ, and we can allow them to use the launchpad itself. So yes this is where the bribes come in and incentivize even more for the holders of VSQ.

Q7: Will the Genesis Dao, OG members, and Server Boosters (Discord Nitro server boost) still be getting their NFTs? Will it still have abilities?

SV: Yes, we’re making the smart contracts now for these NFTs, and those that are whitelisted for each of those roles (once snapshot is taken) can go in and claim their NFT. These NFTs will have special utilities in terms of extra APY or extra rewards.

Q8: Can the role of Vesq and its partners be made clear with a mutual impact analysis being shared?

SV: As we launched, we are open to everyone and collaborative with every project on Polygon. We want to make sure Vesq is a part of every project possible on Polygon. That way it will give us extra utility around Polygon and allow our users more things to do across Polygon. Partnerships in the future will go through the DAO votes going forward and a governance procedure, and I will just be the mediator or announcer.

Q9: There are no exact time frames on the Roadmap article. Why don’t we have time frames?

SV: There is a lot of third-party involvement in terms of building everything and deploying it. From the very beginning we never over promise on anything or set an exact time on things, as expectations can sometimes be unmet since there are always chances for delays with new updates.

In another week or so, we can give general time frames, like “during this period this will come out”, with mechanics about each feature as well. There’s a lot of paperwork and documenting we are having to make, which we are doing in the background and there’s a lot of work to do with that.

As soon as the information is available we will give it to the community and share how mechanics will work, how it will look, how it will feel. This is our initial road map, its in terms of where we are heading.

As we deep dive into each of these new features, a new document will be made and new time frame available. We also have a new website and UI coming out very very shortly its nearly finished. Everything will still be usable as it is, but there will be a new look and feel with a lot of new changes and additions.

Q10: Can we get data on Vesq treasury revenue generation, with metrics?

SV: We’re working with another platform, I think Olympus DAO used them for their treasury management and stats, and what revenue is being generated and what strategies is bringing in what tokens. That will be out with our new UI too, we are working closely with them to bring that on board and making sure every token is available to view, even the tokens that have no price on Polygon yet, they will have listings and price as well.

Right now there is no inflation of VSQ, we did this on purpose with making bonds negative. So since there is no inflation of VSQ at this time, we can sustain 230 odd days of runway. This gives us more than enough time to transition fully into this new phase and onboard new revenue, which can be provided in the new documents we will bring out.

In terms of user viewability of the treasury itself, we are still working hard on making sure to show everyone what is going on here and behind the scenes, it will be updated in a live format. It will make things easier to understand how we will be able to generate the rewards and high percentage revenue to everyone.

Q11: What is our governance plan?

SV: There will be a forum, where requests will be made before they go into a vote. If the request reaches a point that it is agreed upon by the community, it will be put up to a vote through snapshot, and the procedure will begin and be implemented. Similar to how most projects do governance.

Q12: Can the presentations that are being made to big backers and VC funds be shared with the community?

SV: Yes, we will. As soon as we finalize our current VCs and onboard them into the protocol, it’s a round of 3–5 VCs coming on board, as soon as things are finished we will provide info about this as well.

Q13: The roadmap goals seem very short-term. What is the long-term vision?

SV: The goal for our long term plan is to be the “Go to” place on Polygon. People don’t realize how closely we work and talk with Polygon. Working together, both of us all want Vesq to be the flagship product that is purely on Polygon to begin with. We’re coming from this stage of launching and expanding to a stage of stability. To create this stability, we work with Polygon’s teams to make sure every part is incentivized for our community members to stay. That makes our long term vision, and our end goals limitless. We can do anything we want in that time frame. But for this short term this is the new phase we are going into, and we will be bringing out new products like Learn2Earn and other products that can be used with Vesq, creating a smaller ecosystem inside the ecosystem itself.

Q14: When CEX announcement?

SV: Since we are now going through this period of transition, we have to delay the CEX exchanges until this completes. We want to onboard the VCs before exchanges happen. As soon as they are onboarded we will complete CEX listings.

Q15: Is there going to be a max supply cap of VSQ?

SV: Yes, there will be a cap, but I will touch on that in our upcoming documents

Q16: When will get have an ETA on AAVE?

SV: I’m in contact with AAVE all the time, they’re gonna put it to a vote soon. After the vote happens AAVE will give us a timeline.

Q17: Out of the original backers, like Sandeep and Stani.eth, how many exited to save other positions or cover leverage due to recent crash of the market?

SV: As far as I know, maybe a small handful have exited, to leave and cover other positions during the market downturn. As for Sandeep and Stani, they have not moved their position. FRAX has not moved either. They have also given their assurance personally that they are here for a long term of many years. Sandeep says he wants to be here forever. He loves what we will be doing and wants to always support us throughout. For him it’s not about the money, but more what we are trying to achieve for Polygon itself.

Q18: What will you do, during a bear market?

SV: What will I do? Build. That’s the best thing you can do in a bear market, just to build. Build and innovate, build and innovate, build and innovate to get to a point where we’ve gone past this bear market into a bull market, and we’ve got a fully fledged product, with a fleet of products, a fleet of other protocols behind us, a fleet of backers behind us, ready to pounce on the market and bring on the liquidity. There’s some news I can’t sure. It’s under an NDA and very hush hush at the moment. But it’s massive news for Polygon itself, which I’m going to be a part of.

Q19: With the NFTs, are there any ways we can get our hands on one still or is it only for early members?

SV: I will say that the snapshot for the server boosters will be taken very very soon. If you haven’t boosted the server, now is your chance to get an NFT, I would do it ASAP as they’re being made as we speak. That would be the only way to get one as of now.

Q20: Do you plan to extend the number of people into the Genesis DAO?

SV: Yes, Staking 2.0 will have a certain lock period that will automatically enable you to be part of the Genesis DAO, or perhaps it will be the full community DAO soon after. We can say as example: maybe we will have a minimum locking period of 6 months, then you will be able to have DAO access.

Q21: You mentioned new VCs will have lockup periods, will it be the same as the early investors?

SV: No it’s different. A pVSQ holder will have their VSQ redeemable linearly, a portion of their VSQ will be unlocked, and they can claim it. The VCs will have a full lockup period. There may be a small amount allowed in a vested term, the terms are not yet set in stone.

Q22: What are the mechanics behind voting and bribing? Will it be like Votium?

SV: Yes, bribing will just similar it’ll just be through Vesq.

Jarod: So you’re holding the governance tokens, then you vote, then you claim the bribe, and we can do that on Polygon itself.

SV: Yes, directly on Polygon.

Jarod: And then we can make the claims on Vesq?

SV: You’ll get the tokens directly to your wallet.

Q23: What is the context of using the VSQ token for the MATIC incentives? What is the future of the VSQ token itself?

SV: VSQ is needed 100%, as that is the token that is given from the treasury, and is backed by the treasury. In terms of the future, we are looking at adding different tokens you can lockup as well, within the treasury, and still receive the rewards, same as with MATIC. We are still in talks with Polygon about how MATIC incentives will work, but we want to aim everything to be done through VSQ.

Of course, we can have different tokens in the future and have different tokens being locked up, in terms of mechanics and things it will probably turn out better. But to start, everything will be through VSQ as the main priority is to incentivize VSQ holders to make a sustainable platform with very nice rewards on top.

Q24: Will VSQ have any utility on other platforms also?

SV: Yes. The main factor of partnering with Vesq is to have a use case for VSQ outside of Vesq. In terms of VSQ it would be the locked VSQ token, rather than VSQ as it is. So you can take your locked VSQ into another platform and use it there as well. There can be secondary markets that will be created by others of course, its very limitless what can be achieved. But in every partner we talk to, we always ask to have a purpose for the use of VSQ on their platform.

Q25: If I want to maximize my returns, do I need to buy any other tokens or is VSQ just fine?

SV: If you want to maximize it, you can hold your VSQ and buy the Convex tokens separately to have yields from both holdings. But as long as you hold VSQ you will earn what Vesq is earning as well.

Jarod: So Vesq holds those tokens, and Vesq is going to take actions, and Vesq is going to be rewarded, but how does those rewards go to the community?

SV: Its like an airdrop, if you want to call it that. It’s part of the multi-asset rewards system we will have. At the end of your locked reward period you will not only claim your VSQ, you will claim also your MATIC, your FXS, FPI, CVX and so on. Think of it as a basket, you supply your VSQ to, and Vesq generates income will add different tokens to this basket of yours that you claim at the end of your lockup.

Q26: Say I have 50 VSQ, is it possible to lockup 25 for 1 year, and 1/4 for one month and 1/4 for 1 week?

SV: Yes that will be possible. It’s all dependent on how you want to manage your funds, you can use all the lockup periods for your funds to make things efficient for yourself, and maximize how you want to receive yields. There’s not limit of what you can stake for. You can actually use the basket of locked tokens, there is a separate token/NFT that will be given back to you, and you can use that to supply any lending/borrowing platform to use them too. So you can save your position but also use it as liquid funds through borrowing. You can always add to the basket.

Jarod: If you come across anything interesting in the cryptospace please do share it with us in the appropriate channels, we love to see new ideas and suggestions people have. We also see everything you guys talk about and see those people that help others and share knowledge and insights and ideas. We notice all that.

SV: While we’re talking about it, we’re going to have a few competitions coming up. You’ll get an NFT badge for winning these competitions. Diamond Hand badge, Best Trader badge, Big Brain badge. All these different badges will come out as an NFT, and we will have a leaderboard within Vesq itself for these competitions. This will make people more engaged in the community those people will be rewarded with prizes. It’s fully incentivized for the community.

Q27: Can we have any moves made with the treasury balance added to the Journey posts we make daily?

SV: Yes, going forward we’re going to add anything that happens in the treasury made aware in the Journey channel posts. With this new dashboard in our UI you’ll be able to see this as well, but in the meantime we can add it to Journey posts.

Q28: Wen RAI airdrop? Is it still happening?

SV: Yes, that is still happening. I’ll give them a ping and find out what’s going on later with their airdrop.

Q29: Can devs be more active on discord? When new people come in they may think the discord is dead.

SV: I personally am very active myself, helping people or answering questions. At certain points I can’t always be there since I’m focusing on building. The devs we have are always 100% focused on building.

I feel this should be more of a community effort between the OG members, the Genesis DAO, the server boosters, we should all be trying to make the community more lively and sharing info and helping others. The new document that we’re bringing out, will be key to this for happening, so anyone can learn and answer questions that might arise from new members. It should definitely be a community effort overall.

Q30: Liquid Driver has a basket of assets with rewards for lockup periods. They describe themselves as a Liquidity As A Service (LAAS) model. Other than offering a different set of assets, what sets us apart? What will we call our service?

SV: We’re not using liquidity as a service because you’re staking your VSQ to earn rewards, and these rewards come from various different strategies that we put in place and connected to one token, we’re calling it a basket. The term we will use is Staking 2.0 since we want to move away from the current system and its mechanics. We will have Staking 2.0 and Bonding 2.0.

We want to align with DeFi 2.0, so we can stay at the forefront of DeFi. The service we offer will be a cornerstone of Polygon DeFi that works to bring new users and new projects into DeFi, in a safe manner. There will be a lot of different products and features that will be a micro ecosystem inside the Polygon ecosystem.

Q31: You mentioned earlier you had some big news with Polygon, and have an NDA so that you can’t speak of it. Is this something you personally are a part of or is this something the Vesq project is a part of?

SV: Both. Me personally, and Vesq itself.

Q32: Did the recent uncertainty in the current market cause any changes for Vesq?

SV: No, nothing has changed based on the market. Building takes precedent over market. Everyone I speak to as a partner or investor is not concerned about the market. As we are so early in this project and in DeFi, nobody on the team or that I’ve talked to are concerned about the market. We’re still very much healthy in terms of the backing price and the price itself, and the treasury balance and market cap. Market is not a concern.

Q33: Would you be speaking on any podcasts as a guest, like Bankless?

SV: There is a possibility, when I’m more freed up with my time I’ll be happy to join podcasts and discuss all things DeFi. It’s unfortunate there’s only 24 hours in a day, I definitely need more.

Q34: Why did we not delay the launch from market downturn?

SV: The delay would have been more delayed actually, but the community was ready, they were getting anxious. We were in a position to launch with nearly everything ready. I don’t regret the decision, I don’t regret anything in life, that is how I move on through life. The market is what it is. I’ve been through 4 of these different bear markets myself, personally I’m used to it. It doesn’t bother me, and I don’t look at the market that way. All I focus on is building a product. However, strategies have changed somewhat as we are moving into this new phase of Vesq 2.0. As we continue towards our goal the strategies will change.

Q35: Does the success of Ohm affect Vesq?

SV: No the success of Ohm does not affect Vesq since we are moving away from the Ohm Fork name, into our own innovation and our own product.

Q36: Do we have prospects for our Launch Pad already?

SV: Yes, a lot of them actually.

Q37: How would Vesq deal with a bearish market?

SV: In this period of the market it’s known as a bear market there’s nothing that we can do because everyone is affected. If it were something that just affected us, then yes we have measures we can take to help the platform. Since everyone is affected, no matter if you’re in crypto, stocks, or Forex or anything market related, then no there’s not much we will be able to do. Obviously we do everything in the best interests of Vesq, but in terms of re-strategizing just because of a bad market we don’t have anything we can do.

Q38: What about a Vesq debit card that you can load your staked coins on and spend your rewards like KlimaDAO’s roadmap suggests?

SV: I’ve definitely thought about this, and liked the idea, but it means we will have to centralize a part of Vesq, and we don’t want to do that right now. In the future if the community DAO wants to decide to do something like this we can vote on it. We do have solutions and contacts that are ready to pounce on ideas like this with us, so it can be done. But currently it’s not a part of the plan since it will give part of the decentralization away from Vesq in terms of KYC procedures and so on.

Jarod: So its not off the table, it can be voted on in the future if the DAO thinks it’s a good idea.

Q39: Will long term stakers or holders be rewarded?

SV: Yes there will be rewards and drops for long term holders. 100%

Q40: What is the sequence of the roadmap and long term?

SV: The recent things to look forward to is Curve Wars, of course. Also the new UI and website. The new documents explaining how the roadmap features will work will be brought out. Then the transition from this model to the new model Vesq 2.0 will take place. All this is actually very short term if you think about it.

We’ll have Learn2Earn, and the VC groups joining us who can always guide and advise us if needed and provide a lot of capital to work with. I love the VC guys, I’ve went out to dinner with them, one of the guys from the VC Republic and it was a great time, and he was a great guy. They’re very impressed on how things are going and how quickly we’re developing. These guys are used to investing in the TradFi space and TradFi companies. So when they see a crypto project with over $5 million dollars of assets in the treasury in a short time and how many connections we have they’re very impressed. I’m myself sometimes surprised about the many connections I have when I look at my contact list. I can contact any part of DeFi that is available and have some form of advice, guidance, or support from them directly.

Q41: Will we have future uses for NFTs?

SV: Yep, we are going to be doing a lot of things with NFTs, that’s still under development to make sure that we can find a way to safely do it without any manipulation of the protocol and so on. But we will definitely delve into the NFT side of crypto as well.

Q42: Alchemix has an interesting lending approach without risk of liquidation, are we aware of it and will we have something like that?

SV: So, it won’t be fully liquidation friendly, but there will be some aspects that will help save those from liquidation.

Q43: Do you expect VSQ price to stabilize soon?

SV: Well that’s what we’re working towards. Stabilization. That’s what we are calling this next phase we are moving into: Stability phase. If you want to give it a secret code word or anything like that, I would call it “(6, 9) Stability”. You can make one up if you like.

Q44: Will there be auto-repay on loans?

SV: Yes, that’s one way that will help avoid liquidations. Obviously if the market crashes and a cascade happens, it’s very hard to save a position even with auto-repaying the loan. But there will be some safeguards that will be put in place as well.

Q45: Wen marketing?

SV: Yes we will be marketing soon. This current time it’s not great to do marketing, it’d really be a waste of money and effort. When we see a solid uptrend or hear any background information we will start our marketing and pushing forward on full-blown activity on social media and so-on. There’s plenty of marketing planned in the background.

Q46: What do you need from the community to help out?

SV: Activity, suggestions, requests, I love these sorts of things, I love reading about it all. It gives me a perspective from the community’s side to see what the community wants from Vesq. It allows me to work within the framework to see what we can do: the community wants this, so I need to see what can be done to add it. I love suggestions most, I love the community just talking. It doesn’t have to be about crypto, just engage with each other in a friendly or constructive manner is perfect. Answer those that need help, whilst we do our best to bring the features you want to reality.

Even spreading awareness would be great. Go to social media, talk to your neighbor or friends or family about Vesq, it’s all helpful and adds another step forward. As long as the community steps forward together, just to have some limelight on Vesq itself, then that’s all we need.

Be a part of Vesq and be proud of what we are all trying to achieve. I’m a part of you as you’re a part of me. I’m a community member myself. It’s like I always say “I’m just a founder by name”, the name is only given because I’ve started it but that’s all. It doesn’t give me any special abilities or anything, and it’s not a dictatorship. We’re all here together on the same boat except we’re all captains of the ship. We all steer the ship in the direction collectively that’s best for Vesq.

Q47: How do we get a bribe spot since we are not a large token holder?

SV: For the bribe spots, anyone can be a party to it. There’s no small or no big necessary, it’s only a matter of a locking period to get the token. You can always bribe, anyone can bribe. You can use $10, $$10.01. Polygon is very cheap to do this on so anyone can already have access to bribes. We don’t care who you are or represent as long as you’re a good human being that’s all that matters. We’re on this earth an average of 70 years, so we say let’s just make it worthwhile and help as many people as we can. Help those achieve what they want to achieve. Be friendly, be nice, be humble is the way to go. A lot of doors open up for you this way, especially if you’re very caring about one another. That’s how life should be, that’s how our community should be.


SV: Before we end this Town Hall, I just noticed Ryan from Tellor is in the audience. Ryan why don’t you come on the stage and tell us about Tellor and yourself.

RyanTellor: that’s great, thanks for bringing me up, yeah just a little about Tellor: we’re a decentralized oracle that started on main net, we just launched our Tellor Flex version which allows us to be on other chains. The first chain is Polygon, and we’ve been working already with Ricochet exchange. They’re currently a user, and now we’re looking to work with you guys as well.

Some of what makes us stand out: We have our data reporters that can be slashed, so it holds the ecosystem accountable. We’re also fully decentralized, and we threw away the Admin key so decentralization is our number one priority.

SV: Awesome awesome! And VSQ will be listed on the oracle as a price feed as well, is that correct?

RyanTellor: Right yeah, and flexibility is one of our main sticking points. We’re also permissionless, so you don’t even have to go through us, but we do like to be hands on in terms of making the data reporting nice and fluid.

SV: So that’s a bit about Tellor, if you haven’t, go check out Tellor and their community. They’ve got a very very nice product. Hopefully they’ll be competing with the likes of Chainlink and maybe above them soon. I’m sure there are those that love Chainlink, we love them too. We just want to promote everyone that’s a part of Vesq as well. So yeah, 100%, go check them out. Very talented and very helpful team.

SV: I think we’ll wrap it up now, Jarod?

Jarod: Yep alright. Thank you guys, if you have any suggestions or further questions please ask in general or put it in suggestions (on Discord).

SV: Thank you very much for everyone’s time, I’m heading back to work. As usual. If you’ve got anything drop me a message, I’ve got a backlog of messages I have yet to get through, so bare with me, but promise I’ll get to it eventually.

Jarod: Alright that’s the end of the Town Hall, we will have more in the future. We’ll share more info about the next one in Discord. Good morning, Good night, Good afternoon.



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