The VESQ Meme Competition

1 min readOct 9, 2021


Time to channel your creativity! To celebrate the launch of $VSQ, we are holding a community meme competition. We like memes, they’re probably the best part of all of this. Creativity is key here and everything is within bounds, given it is not offensive. Hate speech is not accepted here. VESQ is for frens.

Download our logo files here:


There will be five total winners, and each will receive 10 pVSQ.


To enter, you must be following @VESQHQ on Twitter. Tweet your submission to @VESQHQ with #VesqIsComing and $VSQ.

Submissions will be taken until October 23, 2021.


Votes will be taken from the community on our Discord, but the ultimate decision will be with the team. This is meant as a hedge against fake bot votes (which is common in these situations) and not because we want to decide ourselves. If there is no evidence of ballot stuffing, the community’s vote will stand.

Twitter: @VESQHQ