The Initial Journey

The Genesis DAO

We want to decentralize this thing as fast as possible. Most of the core components of the system will be in place at launch or soon after. There are plenty of new things to add, but the what and when will be decided by the community.

However, we need to keep safety in mind. It’s a dangerous move to lock the system or distribute power to the community too early. What if there’s a bug, or one whale buys up enough supply for sole decision-making power while tokens are cheap/supply is low?

To balance our ideals and goals with reality, we are launching with a Genesis DAO setup inspired by the guys at BarnBridge & OlympusDAO. The Genesis DAO is an Aragon company composed of team members, community members, investors, and advisors. The Genesis DAO exists for no purpose beyond executing the decisions of the community.

This will be accomplished by our Genesis DAO sale, which will include community members, VC’s and investors. There is a total of 10,000 pVSQ available for VC’s & investors, and 10,000 pVSQ available for community members. This will happen privately and be limited.

The Genesis NFT

The core members of The Genesis DAO will receive Vesq Genesis NFT, the NFT will have special utility and will be their membership to The Genesis DAO.

Partnerships & Plans

Soon after The Genesis DAO has been completed, we will begin announcing our partnerships, our plans, our initial team, and development stages.

Presale pVSQ

pVSQ for our community, this will give you voting rights but not enable you to be part of the core members of Genesis DAO, although it still has all the amazing benefits of the token itself.

Smart Contracts and Audits

We want to complete all initial smart contracts to begin submitting for audit, we have decided to use, Certik and Paladin. If the community have any suggestions we will listen and move forward with whatever the decision is.

Initial Social Offering VSQ

Close to launching our initial products (stake & bond) and ready for expansion stage, we can offer the last round of funding, directly for VSQ, this will start of our liquidity and add to our ever growing treasury. This will price VSQ and an optimal price and contribute to the market.

Stake and Bond

Our initial product will be staking (3,3) and bonding (1,1), you can read more about it here.
Staking —
Bonding —

We will also implement some partnerships at this stage.


We start onboarding everyone to the show, and build the protocol owned liquidity and treasury, this is the exciting part as we watch the protocol grow right in front of our eyes.

Protocol will grow, profits and opportunities will be made and a new backed currency is born.

pVSQ Claims

The start of the pVSQ claims start, everyone gets a fair share no one is left out.

The Future

Many plans for the future to come, all discussed with the community beforehand, lets build the future of finance on Polygon.

Twitter: @VESQHQ

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A decentralized reserve currency protocol on Polygon delivering passive income via profit sharing & making decentralized finance SIMPLE & PROFITABLE for all.

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A decentralized reserve currency protocol on Polygon delivering passive income via profit sharing & making decentralized finance SIMPLE & PROFITABLE for all.

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