SuperUMAn DAO Sets Up KPI Option To Galvanize Vesqers Up The Tiers Of Polygon’s LM2.0

2 min readMar 28, 2022


Vesq is proud to announce a strategic partnership with SuperUMAn DAO who are helping Vesq to leverage UMA Protocol’s KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Options to engage Vesqers and incentivize Vesq’s push up the tiers of Polygon’s Liquidity Mining 2.0 program for more $PLM ($MATIC) rewards! In addition, Vesq will offer bonds for $UMA and bootstrap its liquidity on Polygon.

Tiers & Rewards of Polygon’s Liquidity Mining 2.0 Program

What are KPI Options? They are tokens that pay out more rewards if a project reaches a predetermined target before its expiry date. Thus, every KPI Option holder has an incentive to assist in achieving the target as their options will be worth more! This aligns all users with the collective community’s interests.

How do Vesqers benefit from KPI Options? $sVSQ lockers will be rewarded with KPI Options, redeemable for $VSQ. Here’s the most exciting part: As the protocol gets closer and closer to achieving its target, users will be able to redeem more and more $VSQ for the same amount of KPI Options!

We are proud to host an AMA with SuperUMAn DAO so Vesqers can learn about the KPI Options for Vesq and SuperUMAns can learn about Vesq.

SuperUMAn DAO AMA @ Vesq Discord

TBA. Working out the scheduling. Stay tuned for updates.


The superUMAns (SUs) is the community contributor and consulting arm of UMA. UMA stands for Universal Market Access. The SU DAO was spun off from UMA and launched Jan 1, 2022. The SUs apply their knowledge and experience from building out their own DAO to advise others as part of their core mission, as well as providing expertise on the use of UMA’s products, leveraging on their relationships with many other DAOs.
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