A “Polygon Alliance” with SPHERE FINANCE

3 min readFeb 23, 2022


Vesq is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Sphere Finance, who are building an auto-staking protocol which builds a treasury via taxes on purchases and sales of their $SPHERE token. The amassed treasury will then be used to buy governance tokens from promising protocols on Polygon and never sell, evolving the project into Polygon’s “S&P 500” fund in their endgame.

Additionally, Vesq is the latest Polygon-native project to join Sphere Finance’s “Polygon Alliance” including Otterclam Finance, Tetu Finance, and Universe Finance. Together, we will align our strategies and accrue the most revenue to our holders.

We are proud to have hosted an AMA with Sphere Finance so our community could learn about their project and our partnership.

Sphere Finance AMA @ Vesq Discord

Simsala & Geometrus from Sphere Finance joined Jarod & SV in an AMA with the Vesq community about the yet-to-be-launched Sphere Autostaking Protocol & the “Polygon Alliance” they are building with Vesq!

They explained the mechanics of their protocol, including the tax tiers & endgame of the protocol, as well as fielded questions from our community. There was a major surprise at the end of the AMA when Sim lost a bet & had to award 60 whitelist spots to Vesqers, instead of just 20 as planned! Enjoy!

Vesq AMA @ Sphere Finance

SV & Zackary joins Sim & Geometrus in an AMA with the Sphere Finance community about Vesq! They shared what personally motivates them, their thoughts on the Vesq community, how Vesq started, the grand vision of Vesq, Curve Wars & the future direction with Vesq 2.0.

They also fielded questions from the Sphere community & SV ended up having to give away $1000 worth of VSQ to attendees! Never a dull moment between these two partners!


SPHERE is poised to power a revolution in DeFi with the Sphere Autostaking Protocol or SAP, a new financial protocol that makes staking as easy as a transaction. SAP offers the $SPHERE token with automatic staking and compounding capabilities, as well as a market-fixed APY of 99,900 percent and a daily Return on Investment of 1.910 percent. With steady investments and continued bolstering of the protocol’s health through smart yields, we aim to transform this autostaking protocol into a one-of-a-kind index fund for DeFi, akin to S&P 500 in the TradFi world. $SPHERE aims to become a token whose inherent value represents the power of the strongest governance tokens in the space.
Learn more about Sphere Finance at spherefinance.xyz

About VESQ

Vesq is building a policy-controlled currency system, in which the behavior of the VSQ token is controlled at a high level by the DAO. In the long term, this system will be used to optimize stability and consistency so that VSQ can function as a global unit-of-account and medium-of-exchange currency. In the short term, Vesq will optimize the system for growth and wealth creation.
Learn more about Vesq at vesq.io and our community at discord.gg/vesq