Primer on Bonding

  1. Positively correlate liquidity with price
  2. Lengthen premiums and shorten discounts
  3. Increase participation by introducing a second dominant strategy with a completely different risk profile (compared to buy and stake)
  4. Increase protocol profits by adding a second mechanism to burn VSQ (pulling LP)
  5. Pad the treasury balance sheet by marking the value of LP shares at equilibrium (they’re worth more than that any time price != $1). This means the intrinsic value of VSQ has a floor at 1 DAI, and the protocol marks at that floor, but it will actually be greater most of the time.
  6. Increase staking profits by deferring LP rewards to a separate mechanism so we can reserve all of the protocols profits for stakers
  7. Help grow Vesq!



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A decentralized reserve currency protocol on Polygon delivering passive income via profit sharing & making decentralized finance SIMPLE & PROFITABLE for all.