0VIX Supports Vesq In Revenue Generation

2 min readMay 11, 2022


Vesq is proud to announce a strategic partnership with 0VIX, Polygon’s native money-market protocol, which is helping Vesq to generate the best revenue possible for our holders.

Decentralized money markets match users that wish to borrow funds with those looking to earn yield by lending out their assets. These protocols are the foundation of Decentralized Finance and have developed as the largest vertical in the space.

0VIX is currently in public beta and will fully launch soon. This launch foresees the next evolutionary step in generating stable and sustainable yields in DeFi with elegant technology, smart tokenomics, and frictionless UX.

0VIX AMA @ Vesq Discord

We are proud to have hosted an AMA with 0VIX so Vesqers could learn about the partnership & how benefits both communities.

UTC 4pm, Wednesday, 11 May 2022 @ Vesq Discord

About 0VIX

0VIX is the first veTokenomics lending market with dynamic interest rates on Polygon. It focuses on providing stable and sustainable yields for Polygon users through the native token $VIX. Founded by an experienced DeFi and FinTech team, the 0VIX protocol aims to bring billions of dollars of liquidity to Polygon. 0VIX’s goal is to be the primary lending market on Polygon while supporting the 7000+ app ecosystem and Polygon Edge (Blockchain-as-a-service).
Learn more at 0vix.com and join the community in Twitter , Discord and Telegram.

About VESQ

VESQ is a decentralized reserve currency protocol on Polygon based on the $VSQ token and backed by a basket of assets. Lock it to receive the best of DeFi as passive income. Vesq is making decentralized finance SIMPLE and PROFITABLE for all.
Powering Liquidity Mining 2.0, expanding partnerships, and bringing popular projects to Polygon, learn more at Vesq.io, or follow us on Discord, Twitter and Medium.